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Most of these web pages were the first of their type.  Several of the pages have now been copied by others but still bring you unique material.  I hope that what I have done helps you become more knowledgeable in scouting for the benefit of our youth.

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    A site dedicated to providing a balance to the regular news cycle one that shows the positive contributions communities are making to this world one that more accurately reflects reality.  I believe that acts of kindness and generosity, service and leadership are the norm and should be celebrated.

Venturing Notebook

Corps of Discovery

    The Corps of Discovery is a movement to form a stand along servant leadership and service program that youth groups, especially Venturing Crews, can use to enhance their program and do service regardless of the endorsement of any national organization.  Joe Garrett and I did our best to promote it by inducing many of the young adults we come in contact with through our Kodiak whitewater treks.  Chris Hagerty has added a Guidebook to the site which you will find very helpful.

BSA Badge History

The Hiker's Trading Post

World Scout Coins

  • Centenary of Scouting
  • Year of the Scout, 1982-1983
  • Scout Coins from various countries
  • Miscellaneous coin items
  • Coin Collecting Merit Badges, 1938-present
  • Good Luck Tokens (primarily good luck swastika tokens but includes Excelsior Scout tokens)
  • Scout Paper Currency

Hiking Patches

    As a long time scouter who has enjoyed hiking, I have acquired many patches and am now making them available at discount prices.

International Scouting Museum, Las Vegas

San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy

The Hiker's Clip Art
Clip art that I have drawn or created and am making available to other scouters.

For over six years (2005-2011), I maintained the Kodiak web site for BSA.  With the end of the Venturing Division, BSA was not interested in having the site maintained so the domain expired.  Some of the interesting part of the site are still available on the above link.

Order of the Arrow Signet RingNavajo Lodge 98
With the splitting of Old Baldy Council, Navajo Lodge is no longer but I am keeping the history that Bill Woodward maintained for the lodge.  The lodge web site was a 2004 NOAC Honor Site recipient.

Often scouts and scouters like to have a special memory of a scouting award or training they have completed.  I have come across a very nice web site with scouting rings of all types:  Eagle, Venturing Silver, Wood Badge, Boy Scouts and scouting pendants.  The rings come in all types of medals which make them affordable for all -

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